Outcomes Training

In 2008 I trained as an Outcomes Champion with Charity Evaluation Services, and delivered their training to about 30 voluntary sector organisations.

Outcomes are a great way of tieing your work to the processes you will use to prove you have achieved the goals you set. While I am no longer affiliated to CES, I am able to offer similar training covering all aspects of project planning, monitoring and evaluation. One of the biggest challenges in applying an outcomes approach to your work is wading through the maze of different terminology which is used by different funders. Having worked with an outcomes approach for over ten years and trained others to do the same for a similar period I am well equipped to help you identify what different funders are looking for and apply this approach to improve your planning and monitoring.

Used properly, an outcomes approach can give your organisation increased flexibility. It ensures your targets are based on results, not on delivery. If you find something isn’t working, then you can change your approach, rather than persevere with delivery of activities which you know aren’t achieving the expected results, because that is where your funding is tied.

Nevertheless when first applying outcomes to your work it can feel like a minefield. Positive Outcomes Consulting will happily work with you to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls and make the most of this powerful approach. Please get in touch to discuss how Positive Outcomes can help you prove the good work you do.

Positive Outcomes – helping you prove the good work you do.