Monitoring is an ongoing process which allows you to assess how your work is progressing.

Done properly, monitoring should allow you to adapt your activities – capitalising on what is working and identifying areas where your approach needs to change. What you will be monitoring and how you will collect the data should therefore be planned from the beginning of the project, and more and more this is something which you will need to include in funding proposals.

Evaluation occurs towards the end of your project when you need to demonstrate to funders that you have generated the outcomes you set out to achieve and reached your targets. This is usually a requirement of funders and the costs of an evaluation should be included within your initial budget. It is not uncommon for evaluation costs to be set at around 10% of the total project costs.


I have carried out evaluations of large programmes on behalf of large international NGOs and conducted smaller scale reviews of projects in the UK and overseas. If you need to appoint an external consultant to carry out a programme evaluation or need a fresh look at your own work, then please get in touch so we can discuss how Positive Outcomes can help you prove the good work you do.

Positive Outcomes – helping you prove the good work you do.