Faith-based Development

I lived and worked in a Muslim country for 7 years, establishing a pluralist NGO which called Muslims and Christians to work together in the service of the poor.
My Masters dissertation discussed our somewhat novel approach to faith-based community development in this complex context.

On my return to the UK I have worked for Muslim-led and Christian charities, and have also acted as regional coordinator for FaithAction – offering training and support to faith-based third sector organisations.

Although the bulk of my experience is in Indonesia I have also worked in East Africa and Eastern Europe, and have travelled extensively through India and Pakistan. Having worked in Muslim contexts in Asia, Christian contexts in Africa and Eastern Europe and within a multi-faith organization in the UK I have broad insight into faith motivations for community development work.

For organisations with no faith position, it remains impossible to ignore the faith context of any development work overseas, and any projects must take into account how they interface with local religious structures and sensibilities.

For those organisations approaching their work from a position of faith there is the challenge of relating their faith to that of the community they are working in – something which is not necessarily easier when they share a common heritage.

I am well-equipped to offer advice and support to faith-based organisations determined to broaden or deepen their impact without losing their distinctive faith ethos.

Positive Outcomes – helping you prove the good work you do.